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A Deadly Passion

A Deadly Passion Claim Cummunitie
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All Members , Moderated
Do you have a deadly passion? well this is a great communitie if you have a passion for something for example I have a deadly passion for Sum41 you would put that in your journal if you got accepted :). A deadly passion is a CLAIM commuitie its just named a diffrent name :)


1.Plz post in the A deadly passion journal if you want to have a deadly passion

2.You can only get 3 deadly passions once some one has taken it you can not use it
3. To make a A deadly passion post an entry in this journal. Any and all Passion's made in comments will be deleted and ignored.
4. Check the our list and make sure no one else has already have a passion for it.
5. make sure no one has had a passion for them before you post. This saves time for everybody, because sometimes the passion's list isn't always updated right away
6. You cannot change your passions, all passions are final

This is all the rules i will have for now all catigories are open here are some example's of what you might want as a deadly passion and these are all the cat's :)

Angelina Jolie subculturalgirl
Ewan McGregor subculturalgirl
Orlando Bloom chadwinrules

Lucivar Yaslana from the Black Jewels Trilogy daecivar

Pirates of the Caribbean rhymeswithlungs

Sum41 deadlypurple
Metallica whispy_thing

LJ Users
whispy_thing for the_urkin_army


Famus People/singers/celebs

Deryck Whilby deadlypurple
Ville Valo subculturalgirl
Johnny Depp rhymeswithlungs
Jason Statham whispy_thing
JC Chasez shothrutheheart
Christina Aguilera chadwinrules

Tv Shows
Buffy the Vampire Slayer rhymeswithlungs
24 shothrutheheart

love shothrutheheart

Provided by zillacodes